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Logic MIDI Channel Switcher PRO

AG Channel Switcher PRO MIDI FX plugin is a standard MIDI
Channel switcher which can be used in Logic and Main Stage.
It offers up to eight switching methods (Fig.2):
Key Switch.
Program Change.
Control Change. Two modes are available here
- “One Shot” and “Scale” mode.
Performance Speed. Each speed can be set in Note
durations such as 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 etc.
Random Channel. A new “SMART” feature re-randomizes the MIDI Channel if it matches the old one.
Pattern Channel. Up to 16 steps are available for round
robin the Patch/Channel switching.
Velocity. Up to 16 velocity switching zones.
Patch/Channel Name. You can type custom Patch names
for each Channel and switch the Patch/Channel Name
parameter menu or draw/record track automation Patch
Names control points.

Logic AG MIDI Transform Sets

MIDI Transform Sets

The Toolkit offers extra MIDI Transform Sets designed for
composers who want to import Standard MIDI Files from
various scoring applications or other sources. AG Transform
Sets are programed to process multiple MIDI regions selec-
ted in the Logic Main Window simultaneously. It is known
that some Controllers or Program Change messages may
mess up the Instruments of the current project. To prevent
this, you can delete or backup the harmful data easily.
For example, you can select all MIDI regions, choose the
“Backup CC7 & 10 & 11” preset and press the “Select &
Operate” button. Doing that you will clean (backup) all MIDI
regions in one go. The backup data is invisible for Logic.
You can use the “Revert CC7 & 10 & 11” preset at any time,
if you need the original data (Fig.4).

Logic Multi Channel Transposer MIDI FX plugin

Multi Channel Transposer

AG Multi Channel Transposer is designed to be used with
Multi-Timbral instruments, such as Kontakt, Vienna,
Omnisphere, Halion Sonic etc (Fig.3). The tool offers 16
parameters for transposing MIDI Channels 1-16 individually,
plus a global transpose parameter labeled as “Transpose All”.
This global parameter transposes all channels, keeping the
ratio of the transposition parameter settings Ch.1-16.
The Multi Transposer is a realtime MIDI utility which can be
controlled externally via Control Change messages.
You can create Logic Track Automation for all transposing
parameters and compose music interactively like never before.

Logic Control Change Channel Multiplier

Control Change Channel Multiplier

The “Control Change Channel Multiplier” pre-sequencer
Environment tool allows you to transform and multiply an
external Controller number into other MIDI Channels (Fig.1).

EXAMPLE 1: Fig.1.1 illustrates a simple Controller
multiplication, where CC#1 (Modulation) is duplicated to MIDI
Channels 1, 2, 3, 4.

EXAMPLE 2: You can transform the input Controller number
into another CC number (Fig.1.2). The input Controller CC1
(Modulation) set in the “In CC#” box is transformed into the
“Out CC#” box setting CC11 (Expression) and multiplied to
MIDI Channels 2, 4, 6.

Logic MIDI Channel Switcher MIDI FX Scripter plugin

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