L o g i c    A r t i c u l a t i o n    R E M O T E    C o n t r o l


AG COMPLETE offers various Articulation Remote Control switching methods powered by all sorts of external MIDI devices such as:
      iPad AG Workstation (Lemur).
      iPad AG Workstation (TouchOSC).
      Second Keyboard (full Key Switching range).
      Master Keyboard (split Key Switching and Performance ranges).
      Other MIDI devices.


iPad Articulation Remote Control Workstation (Lemur)


AG Logic X Articulation EDITOR teleports the articulation names, group names and the colors into Logic and iPad AG Remote Control workstation. That revolutionary development creates remote control layouts automatically in the iPad Remote workstation.


Key Features


32 layouts per iPad Preset.

Up to 64 Articulation switching buttons. The buttons amount, positions and coloring depends on the automatic layout creation during the Maps teleport.

A Layouts/Page switching window. AG Map EDITOR software teleports the Articulation Presets names directly into the iPad workstation "Layouts Window".

10 onboard Control Change assignable faders.

A X/Y Pad with custom Controllers assignment.

A Global layout MIDI Channel assignment.

Pan & Volume Controls.

A Recall button. You can select any Instrument track in Logic and press the "Recall" button in iPad to recall the correspondent Instrument layout remote page.

A MIDI Settings Window. Each layout comes with an advanced MIDI Settings window which offers the following settings:

      - A Controller Assignments dialog. You can set custom CC numbers for the Mixer faders and the X/Y pad.

      - A Daemon Port assignment.

      - Buttons Output definition (Note; Key Pressure; Controller or Program).

      - Recall Settings.


iPad AG Workstation (TouchOSC)


The TouchOSC workstation comes with pre-designed starting templates where you only have to name the Articulation buttons. The bundle comes with a rich collection of presets for various 3rd Party Instruments.


Logic X Bidirectional Presets Recall System


AG COMPLETE comes with large Logic Pro X Orchestral Templates (up to 1184 Instrument tracks).
The AG Bidirectional Presets Recall system allows you to map the Logic Instrument tracks to any external MIDI device preset number (or AG iPad workstation layout #). You can recall the external device Presets via a Key Switch or a Control Change message (or press the "Recall" button on the AG iPad workstation to recall the correspondent Instrument remote layout).


Articulation Remote Control Methods


Indirect Remote (via Environment Remote Control Tool).

Remote via Region Based Automation. The Remote Control environment tool transforms the external Key Switches, Program Change or Control Change data directly into Articulation Maps text control points automation which are shown in the Logic main window or in the Piano Roll editor.

Remote via Program Change. The Remote Control environment tool transforms the external data
(KS, CC or Program) into MIDI Program Change events which are shown as custom Articulation names in the Logic Event list editor.


The Articulation Remote control tool comes with various user interface settings where you can assign the input MIDI Channel for the second keyboard, set a Min and Max Key Switch range to split the Master Keyboard etc.


Direct Remote (Region Automation via Program Change).

This remote control method is compatible with any Logic project without using Environment tools or Logic Controller assignments.

Note: The method is designed for "Region Based Automation", so you can record a MIDI music performance and articulation switching simultaneously.


Direct Remote (Track Automation via the Logic Controller Assignments).

You can use a second keyboard (Key Switches) or any MIDI device which sends Control Change or Program Change to remote the Articulation Maps.

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