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K E Y    F E A T U R E S
(Note: All new features are colored red.)

Save Preset as Logic 10.4 Articulation Set

Now the articulation software Editor can store the articulation Maps as Logic 10.4 Articulation Set format.
A new Remote button switches to the MIDI Remote editor, which offers smart auto assignments for
the Logic 10.4 Art MIDI remote.


Art Switcher ( MIDI FX Universal Scripter)

• Now the Advanced system allows you to switch between three different Art triggering types such as:
Region Text automation, Art ID and Program Change. The triggering types can be changed during composing.

Intelligent CC Multiplication for Channel switching Instruments. Now the Art Switcher plugin clones only the CC of the active MIDI Channels voices. This ultimate technology saves lots of CPU and MIDI bandwidth resources.

• Improved Art Switching time response. The Scripter is updated with a new custom time engine.


Logic Art Maps Software EDITOR

The Art software EDITOR comes with the following major updates:

Selective Import. Now you can open two Art Editors and drag & drop articulations into the main Editor to build combo Art Sets.

Names, Groups and Remote buttons.

Velocity assignments for KS1 and KS2.

Increment/Decrement fine adjustment arrows. It is possible to use the Inc/Dec arrows with computer key commands to batch set the Key Switch assignments (of multi selected articulations) to Semi or White keys order, for example.

Save as Template & Optimize Engine. Now you can create large starting templates which are indicated with a spanner tool. You can update a given template by making any sort of assignments and use the Optimize function to delete all non-updated Art Maps.

Art ID Instrument Mode (EXS, Studio Strings, Studio Horns etc). The Art ID mode allows you to switch the Logic stock Instruments via region Text automation, Art ID and Program Change.

• Importing from Finder. The new “Import from Finder” offers three options: “Open a Preset”; Import with Next Channel (Multi Sets – quick creation); Merge with Selected MIDI Part.

• Muti Timbral Sets Part assignment. Now it is possible to set the MIDI Channel directly in the Articulation Sets editor (Multi mode).

Extracting a Single Part from a Multi Set. Now you can select any Art Set in the Parts editor and switch from “Multi” to “Single Instrument” mode to extract the selected Art Set.

• Unique auto save engine.

Text auto highlighting. The non assigned Articulation name (---) is auto highlighted when you create a new Map, so you can type a new name immediately.


Advanced Art MIDI Remote

The Art MIDI remote environment tool comes with a new dynamic user interface and can transform external KS, Program or CC directly into Art Text points or Art IDs without using complicated IAC or Controller Assignments routings. The new Articulation Output Type assignments can be switched via external MIDI devices in real time.


iPad AG Lemur Remote

Now the iPad Lemur remote can switch the Art presets via a Logic track selection automatically. The iPad Remote offers new vertical zoom buttons for the Mixer faders and new Copy/Paste functions for the Mixer fader labels, CC assignments and levels. The “Paste” function is powered by a new Selective Paste Type dialog, which prompts you what to paste: Fader Labels; CC Assignments; Fader Values; Labels + CC; All; Undo Paste.


iPad AG TouchOSC Remote

The TouchOSC templates come with two new buttons labeled as Automation and Art ID.
You can use these buttons to switch the Articulation triggering type in Logic.


Large Orchestral Templates

AG toolkit comes with two large Orchestral Templates: 400 and 1200 Instruments.
Each Orchestral sector contains up to 32 Instrument Channel Strips powered by MIDI expansion units.
The channel expansion units allow you to map and switch the presets of any external MIDI device routed to
the Orchestral sector local MIDI Port or to the Master summing Port. The Logic templates come with inserted empty Scripters, Screensets, Mixer labels and professional Transform presets.