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M a p s    &    M u l t i s

AG Factory Maps & Multis are fully functional and their mission is to demonstrate how to create and
organize your Maps and Instruments. The Presets collection offers Articulation Maps designed for
Multi-Timbral, Mono-Timbral (Single Track) or OMNI setups. The Maps labeled as “COMBO” use the same
Articulation Names for the correspondent Instrument group (e.g. Violins, Violas, Cellos and Basses),
that is why they do not come with Instrument name abbreviation (short Instrument names
can be added at any time). You can create and organize your Maps according to the Instrument MULTI
setup and vice versa. Fig.1 shows some of the Factory Articulation Maps and the correspondent
Instrument Multi Presets.

EXAMPLE (Fig.1) : NI Session Strings PRO (SSP) offer 29 articulations, however you have to choose
and load only six of them per Instrument Channel. The “SSP Violins 1&2” MULTI Instrument Preset
(shown in the demo image below) consists of five Instruments where all articulations are loaded into
MIDI Channels 1-5. All Articullation Maps are assigned to the correspondent MIDI Channels 1-5 in the
AG Maps Preset. The Maps Preset is stored in “Mono-Timbral” mode which allows you to use a single
Track (Ch.All) in Logic, and switch between all 29 articulations without any limitation. This Maps Mode
switches the MIDI Channel and the Articulations simultaneously.

F a c t o r y    P r e s e t s

Audiobro: LA Scoring Strings 2.
Apple Logic: EXS24 Factory Patches "+".
Chris Hein Horns: Vol 1; Vol 2; Vol 3; Vol 4.
Cinematic Strings.
Embertone: Blakus Cello; Friedlander Violin.
East West: HW Strings.
Native Instruments: Kontakt 5 Factory library; Session Strings Pro; Session Horns Pro.
Sample Modeling: Trumpet; Tenor Trombone; Bass Trombone; Fr.Horn; Tuba; Brass Ensemble.
Spitfire Audio: Albion Iceni; Mural 1.
Vienna Instruments: Special Edition Vol 1: Strings; Woodwinds; Brass; Percussion.


A r t i c u l a t i o n    M a p s    F A R M

AG Maps FARM is a rich Articulation Maps presets collection designed for various third party Instruments.
The collection comes with additional Instrument MULTI presets specially customized for the corres-
pondent Articulation Maps presets. The upcoming Maps Farm hosting service will offer online Logic
Articulation Maps sharing to AG Toolkit customers. Users will be able to log into the Maps Farm and
upload or download custom or factory articulation Maps.